While Jeff WaggonerJeff Waggoner was always sketching and doodling during adolescence, once he entered the workforce it was always for hands on activities like construction, veterinary tech, and custom cabinet building. The sketching and occasional artistic endeavor occurred, but nothing beyond a hobby. In the winter of 2012 he combined his talents and passions by taking a single plank of wood and carving “Inspiration”, his first piece of what would become Absent Art. The desire to create art on a larger scale continued to grow and over the past eight years he has not only evolved in his technique, style, and abilities, but he has also placed works across the country in corporate offices, fine dining establishments, hospitals, and private homes. Jeff has been married to his wife, Adrienne, since 2006 and they have two sons, Cash and Cruz. They live near Kansas City, Missouri, but travel as much as possible.

Jeff’s professional career has consisted of working with each client specifically and collaboratively to create unique pieces that reflect the nature of the space, the intent of the piece, and the overall message of the facility.  Developing personal relationships with clients allows for more creativity, and satisfaction.  Due to these values, Jeff has a proven track record of producing quality work within a variety of budgets, creative scopes, and timelines.

Thank you for considering Absent Art for your next project.